Terms and Conditions of Trade and Service.

1. The Rug Hub will endeavour to supply and charge as advertised or displayed,but reserve the right to change pricing and services without prior notice, and in accordance with the prevailing economic climate.

2. Authorised pickup points may charge a handling fee, please check directly with
them for their individual rates.

3. The Rug Hub will service, clean, reproof, repair and/or supply items in accordance with customer or persons instructions and in accordance with the item manufacturers recommended laundry instructions, but WILL NOT be responsible for any shrinkage, or damage to rugs including waterproof coatings on turnout rugs.

4 The Rug Hub cannot undertake guaranteeing for any particular outcome I time limit and/or level of repair/service due to unforeseen circumstances out of the control of The Rug Hub, but will strive to maintain their very high standards at all times.

5 The Rug Hub will only undertake repairs on machine washed items.

6. The Rug Hub cannot accept any liability for goods in service with us or goods supplied. Nor can they accept any liability for customers or persons entering the business premises.

7. The Rug Hub will inform customers or persons when supplied items are ready
for collection, either by telephone call or text message.

8 Due to limited storage space The Rug hub ask customers or persons to collect ready items within 7 days of notification, failure to do so could incur a charge, which will be calculated according to the size of the order and added to the customers’ bill to cover alternative storage arrangements. A reminder will be sent to the customer or persons by either telephone call or text message within good time of stated collection date.

9. Delivery of items is available by prior arrangement at the time of notification.

10 Payment for services or goods is due in full upon The Rug Hub handing over serviced items or goods to the customer or persons.

11. Responsibility will not be taken for any loss, damage or theft of rugs left on our premises which are not collected within one week of notification of being ready.

12.The Rug Hub assumes any acceptance of business to be under the above terms
an conditions.

Repairs Policy: 

The Rug Hub provides a professional horse rug washing and repair service. Our policy is to send all rugs back in good working order unless otherwise specified. We get many orders from customers without specific instructions. In cases such as these we will proceed to do any necessary repairs.
If it is the case that you do not require repairs to be carried out, this must be stated clearly in writing when your order is submitted. Repairs will be kept to a minimum where we feel a rug is not worth spending a lot on.
We do not carry out repairs to rugs that have not been washed here in The Rug Hub.