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All our rugs are washed at low temperatures according to manufacturers instructions using a non-bio powder which eliminates the risk of allergic reactions.

We offer you the option to have your outdoor rugs re-proofed using Nikwax products. This helps to ensure that your rugs remain waterproof and breathable, keeping your horse dry, warm and comfortable in wet weather.
If you own an expensive set of rugs it makes sense to look after your investment which will last many years longer with the correct treatment.
We dry 60 rugs every 48 hours in a purpose built drying room which has thermostatically regulated temperatures. This guarantees you the fastest service because it is non weather dependent.
All items washed are routinely disinfected using Virkon S, which is recognised by industry and governments worldwide as the disinfectant of choice for livestock disease prevention and control. This protects against infection from bacteria, fungi and influenza strains that are common to horses.
After each rug is washed and dried, we inspect it for any repairs that may be necessary. Our repairs department undertakes all types of repair work, from the smallest tear, broken buckle or clip down to the total rebuilding of your rug where necessary. Whilst we make every effort to match the type and colour of your material, for an exact match you may be required to source the required amount from your rug manufacturer.
Repairs Policy
The Rug Hub provides a professional horse rug washing & repair service.  Our policy is to send all rugs back in good working order unless otherwise specified.  We get many orders from customers without specific instructions, in cases such as these we will proceed to do any necessary repairs.  If it is the case that you do not require repairs to be carried out, this must be stated clearly in writing when your order is submitted.  Repairs will be kept to a minimum where we feel a rug is not worth spending a lot on.   We do not carry out repairs to rugs that have not been washed at The Rug Hub.
Once the rugs are dry and repairs completed where necessary, they are folded, individually poly wrapped, sized and labelled for your convenience ensuring that your rugs remain clean, dry and easily identifiable for when you need them.
Collection & Delivery

We provide a free collection & delivery service for bulk orders within the south east region, please check with us regarding rug quantities and mileage to qualify for this offer.

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